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Caroline Darling Caroline Darling: Director
Jo Smith Jo Smith: Senior Teacher Young Learners
Sofia Brito Sofia Brito: Head of Portuguese and Course Coordinator
Kate Tingley Kate Tingley: Senior Teacher Young Learners
Tim Ozkurt Tim Ozkurt: Senior Teacher Exams and Adults
Our Team

Our team of teachers is dedicated to providing you with excellent courses in a friendly and professional environment, helping you to make optimum progress.

Gerry Aldridge Gerry Aldridge: English Teacher and Adult Assessment Coordinator
Joy Blackmore Joy Blackmore: English Teacher
Sónia Jorge Sónia Jorge: Receptionist
Mary-Anne Smith da Silva Mary-Anne Smith da Silva: English Teacher
Grace Anderson Grace Anderson: English Teacher
Sam Mason Sam Mason: English Teacher
Catarina Canadinha Catarina Canadinha: English Teacher
Gwen Adorno Gwen Adorno: English Teacher
Claire Grant Claire Grant: English Teacher and Library Coordinator
Kate Sedas Kate Sedas: English Teacher