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General English / Portuguese

I am learning English very fast, the games are great fun and, like this, it is easier to learn.

Matilde Leote

A great place to have your children learning English!

Mãe de Constança Magalhães

Hello/ I’m enjoying perfecting my English in school. This makes me feel good.

Cláudia Silva

It is a great course, I am learning a lot!!!

Thales Henrique de Olival Nogueira

I have studied in some of the most well-known Foreign Language Centers in Lisbon and so far this is the best I know. Your methods, the teacher, the care that everyone has with each student make us feel happy and proud of being there and improve our English with you.

Thank you.

Maria Teresa Vajão

Students feel well, are happy and do their best, a reflection of the high performance of your teachers. Thank you for your existence, ELC

Mafalda Araújo

My impression as a parent for two children at ELC, is that you have an excellent inclusive environment where the children not only learn English but are part of a community where they feel they belong. Thank you for your excellent work!

Joana Parreira

I expected to learn vocabulary & verbs, which I did, but I also picked up so much about Portuguese culture from a terrific teacher

John Beverley

ELC is the most professional services business I came across in my time in Portugal. Everything from the facilities, materials, staff were all excellent.

Stiva Bailey

The ELC in Cascais is a great school to learn English. During the classes, there is a great environment of work. I acquired in less than a year great knowledge of that language. I think also that this school is to be recommended for other people to attend.

José Vasconcelos

Lessons at ELC are a way of learning English in a relaxed environment.

Madalena Santos


Emília Espírito Santo

My daughter (Raffaella, 11) and son (Frederico, 9) started classes at ELC this year. They go to class enthusiastically and come home happy. They love their teachers, classmates and the school. As parents, we are very pleased with this motivation.

Fernanda Dourado

Once again my daughter Leonor is at ELC . Why? Because she loves it, because she learns a lot and she can have fun with the other students and the teachers. Is like family.

Patricia Baptista Coelho

1) 100 % efficient , organized and well managed

2) We Cardoso's Family will miss the best English school our kids ever been too.

Jorge Cardoso

I can say that at first I chose ELC as it is close to my home, but over time, after having classes with 3 different teachers, I am now convinced that I am at the right school to learn English. I am very satisfied with ELC and take advantage of this opportunity to thank the whole ELC team.

Aguinaldo Parmisciano

I am learning Portuguese at the ELC school in Cascais since about a year now and I really enjoy it. Classes are very professional, the team and the teachers are very nice and I make good progress. I definitely recommend this school to everyone who wants to learn Portuguese.

Melanie West

I Love the school and the teachers… They are always attentive to me and concerned about my progress – thank you for everything.

Camilla Cavalini

I have enjoyed the process of learning Portuguese with Sofia. She is an engaging teacher who tailors the class to student interest and language needs. The Portuguese class has really helped my listening, speaking, and reading skills.

Ericka Millar

A very friendly and welcoming environment with relaxed tutor. The lessons were both fun and beneficial and were tailored to my specific requirements. My Portuguese has improved, together with my confidence. I have no hesitation in recommending the ELC school to others.

Michael Jones

The Portuguese course was very practical, up to date and effective. The professor was absolutely comprehensive, attentive to all details. A must.

Philippe Maclot, Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild

The things that I most liked are the possibility to speak English with my colleagues and teacher (practice my fluency), the help that my teacher gave me to speak correctly and to learn vocabulary.

Lina Gomes

On my first day I was very nervous but in the end, there was nothing to be afraid of. The teacher and my colleagues were very kind, making me feel at home; the classes were different from our secondary school: we learn by using games, films, music and different exercises. In short, I am loving my English Course!

Patrícia Pereira Marques

ELC stands out for having motivated teachers who are always ready to help. My progress has been very positive and definitely contribited to my passing the Cambridge Advanced exam.

João Sá

Now, I feel that I am capable of maintaining a fluent conversation in English with anyone. The classes are really great! We learn a lot, but we also have a lot of fun! I hope you join ELC!

Zé Palma

As a parent of 3 children who have attended ELC, I have full confidence in the school; management is strong, caring and dynamic. Teachers give high quality lessons and are very committed.

Teresa Vasconcelos e Sá

I find ELC method of work very effective and successful. It makes your learning process extremely fast. At ELC you can have a lot of fun while you’re learning… I would strongly recommend English Language Centre.

Inês Proença

Miguel really likes his teacher and classmates. For him, English classes are part of his day; fun, not hard work. He likes to go to English even more than swimming. Without doubt, Miguel's classes at ELC have contributed to his success in English.

Patrícia Seguro

The class room atmosphere at ELC is very relaxing. It's just like going to a friend’s house for a weekly get-together ... but in Portuguese. Sofia is very friendly and supportive, making learning Portuguese a pleasure.We would thoroughly recommend ELC to learn Portuguese.

Somesh Sharma and Cath French

I always had problems to study in a regular course, but with you guys this experience was perfect!

Diego Moraes

Business English / Portuguese

I really like the English course and I think it is very useful as I’m learning new words and another way of communicating that I think will facilitate the communication with my English speaking clients. Jeremy is very attentive and friendly and is always paying attention to adapt the lessons to our work.

Beatriz Martins Remax Prisma

I am pleased to take part in this course and I recommend it to my friends. Our teacher really cares about our specific work, answering all questions we make and training us to practise different real situations.

Rosário Guedes Remax Prisma

Classes were lively and very interesting…The teacher was very competent and through his preparation of work related dialogues, he succeeded in creating great communication within our group. I have recommended ELC Cascais to my friends and business partners.

Domingos Costa da Luz, Presidente do Conselho de Administração, Kenitex

The course is very useful and I'm enjoying it very much. It is very helpful for my work because I receive every day, lots of calls from foreign people…and clients at work. I recommended ELC to all that have the same needs as me.

Ana Dimas, Angelini

I’m learning new words and how to use others that I already knew. The classes are very practical. I’m happy that I took the decision to come onto this course.

Mª da Luz Russell - Remax Cidadela

When we go to the English lessons we find a place when we can learn and laugh, in the end of a work day this is very relaxing.

Cristina Oliveira, Angelini