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Ricardo Gonçalves

Ricardo Gonçalves



So, tell me about yourself.
I was born in Lisbon, but I have been living in Cascais for 12 years. I love it here. I am 24 years old. Currently, I am working full time helping disabled people.

When did you start studying at ELC?
I have been studying here at ELC for 2 years now.

Why did you start studying here?
I wanted to study English because I want to get a job in the Energy saving industry and knowing English is very important. In particular, I need a good knowledge of technical English.

What do you like about studying here?
I love everything! I really like studying grammar and getting to talk to native English speakers. The atmosphere at ELC is fantastic and all the teachers are so friendly. I feel relaxed and confident to speak English. I also like that the classes are not too big and that we can always ask questions if we are unsure of something.

Why are you studying for the PET exam?
This qualification is essential if I want to have a career in the Energy saving industry.

What areas do you feel you have made most progress in?
Everything! Especially my speaking. I feel much more confident now when I speak English. I have also found that I hear English better and understand a lot more.

How do you think English will help you in the future?
It will help me to find a new job! But also, I can now go to England and meet new people.

What advice would you give to younger students?
Come here! You will improve your English so quickly! One of my friends came here, hardly knowing any English and in such a short space of time he improved so quickly! It’s great here and I love it!

Teacher: Nick Strutt (Nível B1)
Interviewer: Vicki Goulding