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Milú Almeida

Milú Almeida



Hello Milú. I’m Gaynor. So, tell me about yourself.
I’m Portuguese and I live in Cascais. I am 62.

And what’s your job?
I am retired.

Ok, and when did you start studying at ELC?
I start at ELC in September 2012.

Right, and why did you start studying here?
I like the English language.

So, what do you like about studying here?
I like the teacher (Kate); I like my group class.

Ah, so you’re studying in a group?
A group and private lessons.

What areas do you feel you have made most progress in?
I progress in writing.

How do you think English will help you in the future?
I think to go to the UK.

Well, thank you for your time Milú.

Teacher: Kate Senior
Interviewer: Jo Smith