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Francisca Sampol

Francisca Sampol



So, tell me about yourself.
I’m from Majorca (a beautiful island!) in Spain and I’m a doctor.

When did you start studying at ELC?
I started private lessons in February this year.

Why did you start studying here?
Because I want to learn English alone; I need to remember all the things I studied in the past and with a group it’s difficult.

What do you like about studying here?
I like the classes because they’re not boring! And I’m interested to continue this type of class. I feel I am learning, maybe slowly, but I am remembering lots of things from before and that’s good.

What areas do you feel you have made most progress in?
I understand more things. For me it’s good when I speak with another person and now they understand me. Now when I speak, I can change the verbs (tenses).

How do you think English will help you in the future?
It’s necessary for my job. English is the language of the moment (before it was Spanish!); I need to communicate with other people.

Thank your Francisca!

Teacher: Emily Davies
Interviewer: Emily Davies