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Célia Gomes

Célia Gomes



Can you tell me something about yourself?

My name is Celia. I born in Africa In Mozambique but I´m here since I remember

OK and what´s your job?

I study publicity and public relations but now I´m not working - my job now is, more or less, a mum

Ok. And when did you start studying at ELC?

I think more or less three years

And why did you start studying here?

In the beginning because of the location. It´s a very good location - I checked in the internet and it´s good.

So what do you like about studying here?

Everything. The people, the light, the location and until now the class and the teachers. I change the teacher every year and all the teachers are great.

Oh that´s lovely to hear. What areas do you feel you have made most progress in?

In conversation and also in reading. I feel more confident when I´m reading now and I understand almost everything, only some words I have to check in the dictionary.

And how do you think English will help you in the future?

A lot. At first, because I have my kids in the International school. And also we have to move to the Czech Republic for three years, Prague

Oh beautiful city. So, what advice would you give to other students coming here?

First, come. Don´t hesitate and come. And second I think what I have to say is learning can be fun.

Oh that´s nice.

From my feeling we laugh a lot and we learn. So learning can be fun.

That´s a really nice thing to say. Thank you very much,.

Thanks a lot.

Teacher: Caroline Door
Interviewer: Célia Gomes