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Carolina Coco

Carolina Coco



So, tell me a little about yourself:
I’m from Cascais - Murches, I am 15. I entered to Colégio do Amor de Deus this year and I love it.

Tell me, when did you start studying at ELC?
I started studying at ELC 2 years ago when I entered to FCE.

Right, and why did you start studying here?
ELC has a lot of Cambridge exams that you can put on your CV to allow people to know that you are looking for jobs and that you speak English and it opens a lot of doors for jobs.

What do you like about studying here?
People are very nice and I think the teachers can assure us to have a good learning skills and lessons and it’s not a class that you get bored!

What areas do you feel you have made most progress in?
I feel like I progressed in Use of English and reading. They were my weak spots but now not anymore.

Great. How do you think English will help you in the future?
Like I said before in job applications of studying abroad it’s always the universal language that everybody speaks and its much easier to apply for jobs if you know how to speak in English.

What advice would you give to younger / other students?
I think that when you start a course at TB level you should get up to FCE or CAE because if you keep going you will improve and get much better every year.

Thank you very much!

Teacher: Caroline Door
Interviewer: Jo Smith