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Carlos Pinto

Carlos Pinto



So, tell me about yourself:
I’m Carlos, I have been learning English here in the centre since last October. I was born in Angola but I’ve been living here since 1975. Actually I have been living in the Sintra region since 1977-78.

Ok and what do you do?
I used to work in the military.

And is that the reason you started studying here?
Yes, this is one of the reasons why I went to the centre, because I lost the contact with the English language 8 years ago. And because I want to take a project management course, I feel the need to improve my English,

And why did you choose ELC?
In fact, last October I went to Cascais and I was living in Cascais I think it was a good I idea, why not come here and improve my English?

So, what do you like about studying here?
So far, what I have noticed is that the Centre has a good vision of how to teach English. Before I started the English lessons, Caroline had done an English test with me to see how my English was - the rank of my English and it was a very good idea to start again learning English, and after I spoke with Caroline I started some classes and I was lucky.

And what areas do you think you have made progress in?
I feel more confident in speaking – I like my colleagues and teacher.

Great Carlos – thank you very much.

Teacher: Gerry Aldridge
Interviewer: Kate Mills