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Private Courses

Why do people choose private courses?
  • "to build my confidence"
  • "to speak with the teacher as much as possible"
  • "specifically for my area of work"
  • "I need to take an exam and need specific training"
  • "It’s my personal treat! I love learning languages!"
  • "I want to learn as quickly as possible"
  • "I can choose my personal timetable"
How can I arrange a course?
  1. Telephone us to book a level test and let us know your objectives. This is free and will last between 45 – 60 minutes.
  2. Tell us your preferred timetable.
  3. Tell us where you want to study; at ELC or at home / at work?
What’s next?
  1. We prepare your course materials based on your objectives and choose your teacher
  2. We offer you plenty of opportunity to give feedback about your course content.
  3. You can contact us between classes if you have any doubts.
  4. Work towards your objectives with your teacher and enjoy your course!